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Red, Green, or Blue?

It depends.

oh God i’m torn with indecision, is it red,green, or blue? and DON’T laugh you. I know it’s pretty silly to agonize over a favorite color but i really am having trouble choosing. This is an important decision to make. Your favorite color says a lot about you(or so they say). I mean this could make or break me.. cept i’m already broken so .. but that topic is for another post so here go my thoughts on the topic at hand..

I’ve always liked the color green whether it be moss green, neon green, mint green, dark green, pale green (you get the pic) but i think it’s got more to do with the “fact” that hehe i think i look good in green 🙂 so i have a lot of green clothes and it’s the same with the color blue. So it’s only for vanity’s sake that i like blue and green although it’s lately blue since i WAS getting a bit bored with my obsession with green ( if it’s your fave color then you wouldn’t get bored right?) So i don’t think green is my favorite color and it can’t be blue cause it’s only lately that i’ve liked blue.

Anyhow, so, by the process of elimination my Favorite color is RED. What a way to choose right? Hahahaha! but then i’ve always been attracted to red. And even though it’s hard to wear i’ve always loved having that color near me. It’s such a bright happy color and it always lightens up one’s mood. Kind of like a natural upper.

The best shade of red that i’ve ever seen though is a bright, shiny, vibrant, crimson, apple red balloon, incongrously enough in a horror movie. If you’ve seen the movie “the amityville horror” there’s a scene where the little girl (the live one) goes into the boat house with a red balloon in her hand and as the dad carries her out of the boathouse the red balloon bobs overhead and the color just pops out of the screen. I don’t know if it’s foreshadowing for the blood to come later in the movie (though no one in the family dies) or just a contrast to the grim dark mood of the movie but i really liked that color.

On a lighter note … hmm i cant think of one actually…a child’s balloon in a horror movie is such a perfect contrast that i’m stumped for another example. Let’s see now blood? no that’s still grim, a Mord-Sith’s red costume? nah all that sado-masochist stuff is not at all light, maybe red stilletoed shoes oohhhh Devil Woman! but nah still grim.

oh lips! Perfect lips. A perfect pair of lips with a perfect shade that’s darker than pink but lighter than red with a heartbreaking smile just for you.  Ahem…… okay (moment over) Ha! how’s that for a lighter note? and I’m not sure what all this says about me but I’m happy that after much indecision and (uncensored) soul searching i finally know a truth.

Its RED.


i’m not living life in the sidelines, i want to be in the middle getting my hands dirty, laughing out loud, and LIVING.

Life is much much too short for me to waste it by letting other people dictate what i should or should not do. i care what people think but i wont let them live my life for me. These are my own choices to make, mistakes to commit, people to love or hate, music to listen to, clothes to wear, affection to share, smiles to scatter, and farts to let loose 🙂 And when i get scared or insecure i’ll recognize those feelings but they’ll just be road signs and not obstacles.

Compass and road map will be Conscience, Morals, and Good Manners.

I think that this is the only way for me to live a full life. So reader 🙂 welcome to my life.